Tarot card “Wheel of Fortune”The Wheel of Fortune – or “Fortune” – is represented by a wheel.

This stands witness to the very nature of luck, that tends to turn and change, thereby placing a person in a specific moment of good or bad luck, which then alternate with each other.

The Wheel of Fortune is overlooked by a figure wielding a sword – and thus has power – upon whom luck undoubtedly smiles.

Another two figures are clutching at the Wheel: one is rising, one is descending.

Meaning in the Tarot

This card reminds us of the precariousness of situations destined to evolve and change.

The crucial point is that things can evolve for the better, but also worsen.

The card refers to conditions of precarious balance.

In general, the Wheel of Fortune is more of a positive card than a negative one; in fact, change is always a fruitful opportunity for those who know how to grasp it.

Reversed Card

Changes for the worse in a situation, bad luck.

Slow to exploit change as an opportunity.