Consult the Tarot


If you have still not satisfied your desire for Tarot readings, you can find my good friend Rob’s website here:


It is a very interesting Tarot reading system (also free).

First you select 10 cards, and then you do something very special and unique, which I have not seen anywhere else yet: you select 3 sets of 3 Tarot cards, depending on specific questions related to the topic of the reading you want to perform. Basically, it’s a bit like a live reading, where the Tarot reader asks you questions to interpret the cards as accurately as possible, getting you to choose some of those that came out.

There are 4 Tarot reading topics: love, money, work and the future in general.

These in turn are divided into sub-topics: for example, you can ask the Tarot if someone who has left you is going to come back, or if a specific colleague loves you, or if a relationship that shows signs of difficulty will be resolved positively, and so on.


To perform a Tarot reading on his website, simply click on the cards, and then follow the instructions.

You can find his site here:




PS: but don’t forget my site! :)