Who Are the Decans?

The Decans are ancient gods of Egyptian culture, considered “Those who hold up the World”.

Those Who Hold Up the WorldEach of the 36 Decans were closely linked to the signs of the zodiac and had a specific group of stars associated with it, that starting from Sirius, subdivided the sky into 36 parts.

This division of the zodiac has traces in several ancient civilizations and religions, from Greece (dekanoi) to India (drekkāṇa).

The Decans were, therefore, considered to be the “intermediary of the Gods”, having the power to determine the events and the destiny of man.

How It Works Reading the Tarot
with the Decans’ System

The objective of the Decans’ system is to combine the Tarot reading to the user’s astrological picture, in order to obtain a much more detailed and customized reading compared to traditional systems.

  • Initially a preliminary study of numerology will be carried out using the name of the person who is requesting the consultation.
  • Then the exact calculation is made about the position and the influence of the various planets at their time of birth; namely the birth chart is drawn up, studying aspects and dominants.
  • Finally, the question posed to the Decans is analyzed at a semantic level.

The data obtained from all these calculations (some of them very complex) are thus combined together and associated with Tarot cards and their meanings.

All this to give you a Tarot reading based on your personal data and specificity, and therefore, completely unique and customized.