Angel of the TarotThe Gypsy is an automated system for reading the Tarot.

She applies the user’s personal information to provide them with a personalized consultation.

The Tarot cards are in fact shuffled and drawn with different levels of probability based on the characteristics of each user.

Elements Analyzed

The first thing the Gypsy does is analyze the name of the user who is asking for the consultation, using the numerology of the letters in their name and the meaning of the name itself (Onomancy).

Esoteric SymbolThen the Gypsy considers the user’s date of birth, calculating their zodiac sign and the position of all the planets at their time of birth (Astrology).

Finally, the Gypsy requests that the user formulates a question regarding the topic of the consultation, and begins to elaborate it together with the personal information entered previously.

The Judgment of the Cards

All the information that the Gypsy collects – once the analysis has been concluded – is transformed into “levels of probability of the draw”, which are in turn assigned to the individual cards.

This allows for the total personalization of the consultation.

In fact, the cards have a different probability of being drawn for each individual user, based on all of their personal information (name, date of birth, and question asked), making the consultation unique and personalized for each person.