Tarot card “The World”A nude or semi-nude woman is encircled in an oval garland with one leg slightly bent. She is holding one or two magic wands.

The corners of the card instead bear the symbols of the four evangelists: an angel (Matthew), a lion (Mark), a bull (Luke), and an eagle (John).

Meaning in the Tarot

The World is one of the most positive cards of the Tarot; it represents purity and harmony, creation and human knowledge.

Objectives will be reached and success will be gained in what you are doing.

You will be prolific.

You will attain inner serenity.

You will learn to feel gratified in your situation and to enjoy what you have.

Reversed Card

You will achieve success, but not by acting appropriately.

There will be some inappropriate behavior, but in spite of this, everything will go well.