Tarot card “The Tower”A tower struck by a lightning bolt that sets it on fire and destroys it.

The reference is to the Tower of Babel, symbol of the arrogance and pride of man who desired to rise to compete with the divine, and was destroyed by God himself.

Two people falling in mid-air after the collapse of the tower are portrayed on the card.

Meaning in the Tarot

The Tower of the Tarot represents the punishment of arrogance.

It is an unfavorable card that announces failure due to one’s own presumption and arrogance.

We will face harsh punishment due to our lack of humility.

We have stirred up envy and animosity, due to our ostentatious success or our ambition, and someone will see to it that it works against us.

The card of The Tower can also be merely a warning: be careful not to boast about your success; do not be presumptuous or arrogant with others, otherwise you may be punished harshly.

Reversed Card

Extreme arrogance, ostentation, or ambition.

Extreme animosity from someone who will stop at nothing to put obstacles in your path.