Tarot card “The Star”A completely naked woman, bending over the lake shore or a river bank, pours the liquid contained in two vases into the water.

The water contained in the vases is the water of life and, up in the sky, seven small stars, together with one larger, shine down benevolently.

In the background we see trees, as if to emphasize the fertility of the entire card, and so the land.

Meaning in the Tarot

The card of The Star is undoubtedly positive.

We must be optimistic because the stars are on our side and shining down on us benevolently.

We have the blessing of the heavens and the stars to illuminate our path.

An abundance of ideas and favorable circumstances.

This card has a positive influence on the cards around it and on the situations they refer to.

The Star does not necessarily indicate material success in a specific action, but rather that we will find joy, good spirits, and feel gratified and content.

Everything is in place to guarantee our happiness.

Reversed Card

A favorable situation that was not grasped, opportunities not exploited.

Excessive pessimism even when the situation is not so serious.