Tarot card “The Hermit”A bearded old man wearing a long, hooded tunic walks along with the help of a staff, lighting his way with a lantern.

Meaning in the Tarot

The Hermit is the symbol of wisdom.

The symbol for wisdom is either the lantern he holds in his hand – which illuminates the reality of the facts – or the figure of The Hermit himself.

The wisdom of The Hermit in the Tarot is also intended as caution, for example, in evaluating where we are going and what we are doing.

It also means an inner search and reflecting on the situations indicated by the nearby cards.

A desire to discover the truth, seeking the truth.

Reversed Card

Excessive caution, excessive isolation from others, excessive meditation and too little action, recklessness, poor judgment concerning what one is doing.

Not having understood what is actually going on and who can be trusted.