Tarot card “Judgement”Judgement of the Tarot is nothing other than the representation of the Last Judgment, with the angel of the apocalypse heralding the final moment when we will all be judged.

The trumpets of the judgment blare and the dead rise from the tombs to face the last judgment.

Meaning in the Tarot

Judgement is a card of renewal, evidently a situation is changing.

The situation changes because the moment of the rendering of accounts has arrived.

One can no longer be idle or postpone matters, because the rendering of the accounts must be faced head on and the relative consequences must be paid.

Judgement may also represent the need to free oneself from material obsessions and rediscover the true values that actually make us happy.

You will pay for your misdeeds; closure of a situation; judgment.

Reversed Card

An unfavorable rendering of accounts.

Punishment suffered.

Misdeeds that are discovered and punished.

Someone discovers that you have been at fault.