Swords Cards of the TarotSwords represent authority and ambition – the sword is a common symbol of authority –.

Moreover, as a weapon, Swords may also represent aggression, danger, betrayal, offense.

The meaning may also concern ambition, the desire to excel, to win, drive, courage, the desire to compete with others, to confront others to flaunt one’s own value.

The latter are elements that, depending on the situation, should be read as positive or negative, in that the excess of these urges is undoubtedly negative, but the right balance is stimulating and positive.

The Meaning of Reversed Swords

Reversed Swords must be interpreted by emphasizing their negative aspects: conflicts, danger, excess ambition, excess in seeking confrontation.

Swords that are reversed can also symbolize a lost battle or a defeat.

Important Note

Suit cards must not be interpreted only by analyzing the symbolism associated with the suit.

The Minor Arcana must in fact be read by taking the following into consideration at the same time:

  • The meaning of the suit (Wands, Cups, Swords, Coins).
  • The possible presence of court figures (pages, knights, queens, kings).
  • The numerology associated with the card.