Cups Cards of the TarotCups represent love and positive feelings – like joy and happiness –.

The cup is a symbol of fertility: it is the vase of life.

One must therefore expect new ideas, fruitfulness, positive events, the birth of new situations, renewed vitality and happiness, the birth of a love, altruism and solidarity, serenity.

Cups may also represent memories, persons of the past.

They are lucky cards when they are drawn upright – cups used to make toasts or celebrate victories –.

The Meaning of Reversed Cups

Cups that are drawn reversed are not a good omen; in fact, a reversed cup loses the liquid it contains, wasting it.

Moments lacking in serenity, sterile periods, waste, failure, problems in love, the precipitation of situations, not positive – and sometimes traumatic – events.

Important Note

Suit cards must not be interpreted only by analyzing the symbolism associated with the suit.

The Minor Arcana must in fact be read by taking the following into consideration at the same time:

  • The meaning of the suit (Wands, Cups, Swords, Coins).
  • The possible presence of court figures (pages, knights, queens, kings).
  • The numerology associated with the card.