Christian FrescoEach Tarot card has a precise meaning.

However, a high-level consultation must also be enhanced by the combined interpretation of the various cards.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider the meaning of one card and to interpret it in light of the cards that precede and follow it.

For this type of Tarot reading, specific skills are required; however, anyone who works hard can easily attain this level.

Simplicity and the Main Meaning

EnchantressProgressing step by step in improving your level of reading the Tarot is perhaps one of the most gratifying sensations.

However, be careful: it is not a path without risks.

When reading the Tarot, it is necessary to pay close attention to a key point: enriching the consultation with combined interpretations, subtleties, quibbles, and historic notes must never distract you from the main path.

Conducting overly advanced readings of the cards may cause you to lose sight of the key points; this is perhaps one of the most common errors made by aspiring fortune tellers.

The Golden Rule for interpreting the meaning of the cards must always be simplicity.

Venturing into overly complex and articulate interpretations may lead to concentrating on small details and missing out on the main meaning in plain sight.