Princess with CrownOne of the most common questions about reading the Tarot is the following: “When consulting the Tarot, should only the Major Arcana be used (22 cards) or is it necessary to add even the Minor Arcana (the 56 cards of Wands, Cups, Swords, and Coins)?”.

It is important to point out that there is not right or wrong way.

In fact, no one is able to know the original method used to read the Tarot.

The methods now practiced for reading the Tarot are merely customs that have been consolidated over relatively recent times, and hence cannot constitute obligatory rules that must be followed.

How to Decide

Using the entire Tarot deck or only a part of the deck is a decision that only the person reading the cards can make.

The main factors guiding this decision are the following:

  • The Spread (Tarot reading method). Using a divinatory method that calls for a spread with a high number of cards requires the use of the Minor Arcana as well, in order not to create confusion in the interpretation.
  • The skills of the fortune teller. The symbology of the Major Arcana is much clearer than that of the Minor Arcana. An inexperienced fortune teller will hence find it easier to use only 22 cards.
  • Preferences. The decision is absolutely personal. It is even possible to give a reading using a normal deck of cards. Everything depends on the personal preference of who is reading the Tarot.