Tarot Number CardsThe number cards – or the suit cards from 1 to 10 – are also interpreted by referring to classic numerology.

So not only their numerical value is taken into consideration – by which, for example, a 9 is greater than a 5 – but the symbolism associated with each number is also taken into consideration.

Basics of Numerology

To read and interpret the number cards of the Tarot, these basic numerology rules may be useful:

  • NUMBER 1. The beginning, the start of something, the emblem of excellence.
  • NUMBER 2. The couple.
  • NUMBER 3. The perfect number.
  • NUMBER 9. The ultimately perfect number (3 times 3).
  • EVEN NUMBERS. Stability, equilibrium.
  • UNEVEN NUMBERS. Dynamism, change.

Examples of Interpretation

3 of Wands

Wands are the suit that represents action, initiative.
The number 3 is the perfect number.
Meaning: perfect action, perfect doings.

2 of Coins

Coins are the suit of earning and of business.
2 is the number of the couple.
Meaning: business collaborations, a good economic partner.

Important Note

Using numerology is only one of the aspects to take into consideration when interpreting the suit cards.

The Minor Arcana must in fact be read by taking into consideration more than one element:

  • The meaning of the suit (Wands, Cups, Swords, Coins).
  • The possible presence of court figures (pages, knights, queens, kings).
  • The numerology associated with the card.