King – Court CardsThe court cards are the suit cards corresponding to the pages, knights, queens, and kings.

These cards usually refer to real people.

There is no restriction concerning the association of a card to a specific person, but in any case, the cards tend to be associated according to the following logic:

  • KING. A father, the boss, a person wielding authority over us, a person we respect, a mature person, an authoritative person, a domineering person.
  • QUEEN. A mother, an important woman, a woman we respect, a woman who has much influence on us, a domineering woman.
  • KNIGHT. An enterprising person, a dynamic person, a dangerous person, a person who defends and protects, a person who provokes a specific situation.
  • PAGE. The son, a young man or woman, a friend, a person bearing news.

Other Meanings

Associating the court cards with real people is not an absolute imperative.

Instead, what must always be taken into consideration is the importance of the value of the card – which is higher than number cards –.

Finally, to better refine the interpretation, the classic symbolism that can be referred to for court figures can be summed up in a few lines:

  • KING. Power, stability, strength, authority.
  • QUEEN. Sound government, strength, justice.
  • KNIGHT. Action, danger, defense, protection.
  • PAGE. Carefreeness, friendship, support, news.

Important Note

The suit cards must not only be interpreted by analyzing the possible presence of court figures.

The Minor Arcana must in fact be read by taking the following into consideration at the same time:

  • The meaning of the suit (Wands, Cups, Swords, Coins).
  • The possible presence of court figures (pages, knights, queens, kings).
  • The numerology associated with the card.