Link between Astrology, Horoscope, and TarotThe element common to all ancient peoples is the belief that the position and movement of the heavenly bodies influence the destiny of man.

This implies that the zodiac has probably been the most studied subject of all times.

The greatest contribution to connecting astrology and the horoscope with the Tarot must be credited to an esoteric brotherhood: “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” founded officially in 1889.

According to the rolls of manuscripts that guarded the doctrine of the Golden Dawn, the Tarot – in addition to being associated with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet – was closely linked to the signs of the zodiac.

Major Arcana and Signs of the Zodiac

The secrets of the Golden Dawn were based on the following fundamental attributions of the Major Arcana to the signs of the zodiac:

  • The Emperor / Aries
  • The Pope / Taurus
  • The Lovers / Gemini
  • The Chariot / Cancer
  • Strength / Leo
  • The Hermit / Virgo
  • Justice / Libra
  • Death / Scorpio
  • Temperance / Sagittarius
  • The Devil / Capricorn
  • The Star / Aquarius
  • The Moon / Pisces

It is obvious how these associations are closely linked above all to the iconography of the cards and the signs of the zodiac.

Just think of Aquarius: portrayed in astrology as a water bearer pouring the contents of a vase, just like the illustration on The Star card of the Tarot.

Minor Arcana and Astrology

Associations between the Tarot and the heavens certainly do not end with the Major Arcana: each card of the deck of the Tarot had a close link to the zodiac, and often even more than one.

The Minor Arcana from 2 to 10 of every suit, for example, were associated precisely with the 36 Decans of the zodiac, ancient figures of Egyptian tradition who upheld the cosmos.