Dark WoodTrue Tarot enthusiasts must, unfortunately, acknowledge that there are cases in which the aura of mysticism of the Tarot is used to cheat people.

The sore point is that often these people are momentarily fragile or facing a difficult situation.

Effects on the World of the Tarot

The misdeeds of a few people – authentic swindlers and charlatans – has not only put many people in difficult situations, but has also put everything in regards to the Tarot in a bad light.

Instead, the Tarot has been a noble pastime and an extremely popular game: it has played a role in history.

It would truly be a pity to lose these traditions and this source of knowledge.

How to Avoid Charlatans and Swindlers

The ability of swindlers to pass themselves off as trusted individuals is well known.

Here is some useful advice to evaluate those you may meet:

  • Always be diffident of people you don’t know. Above all, stop now and then to reflect if you are still within the field of reason, or if you are going against what you know to be rational and common sense.
  • Before consulting a person, establish how much you will spend. This amount must be limited; it must never be a high figure. At any time, if you should be asked for more money than what you agreed upon, for whatever reason, cut off any relations with that person.
  • If you can’t succeed in being objective about the two previous points, because you are overly involved, then ask a friend for advice. The next part is the most difficult: following the advice your friend gives you.


The Tarot, in addition to being a simple diversion, can also be a useful instrument for reflecting upon one’s own situation or that of others.

But it’s important to never forget rationality and common sense.